Today we started a new theme with Laurana and will be discussing plants this week. I sent her out into the garden this morning to find some plants and she came in with a lot of flowers which she spread around the dining room. We then went outside and pointed out different types of plants speaking about weeds, trees, flowers, fruit and vegetables, bushes and naming some of the plants in our back garden.

She then did a bark rubbing exercise and coloured a leaf by placing it under a piece of papare and rubbing with a crayon.

We then read some of How Flowers Grow and Laurana showed interest in quite a lot of the different types of flowers.

I did a prewriting worksheet with her this afternoon and we did Maths worksheets this morning. She also wanted to do a few of her Grade R workbook and she read The Ant and the Grasshopper which I had also read with her yesterday. I am trying to read each book three times with her to build fluency. We started the “ang” sound in phonics today. She is also continuing with swimming lessons daily if the weather permits.