This morning Laurana practised catching and throwing with balloons filled with water. This was quite challenging for her and we went through a number of balloons before quitting. She did quite well both with the throwing and catching improving quite quickly.

We then spoke a little about islands and looked up a few facts about Madagascar since this island is near where we live and she has heard about it from the movie Madagascar. This was a very brief discussion as her concentration was fairly short this morning.

We did a more complicated pattern sequence with fruit and cheese at lunch time and then after lunch we made simple boats out of different materials to see which would float best – we used plastic, cardboard, wood and glass. Before sailing the boats I asked Laurana to make a sail for one of the boats out of pegs for fine motor control.

She again had a swimming lesson followed by a warm bath to warm up and then she read Floppy and the Bone again to increase her reading fluency. We then painted a picture of a pirate ship in the sea. Kirima joined us painting hand and foot prints in the sea and Laurana decided she also wanted her footprints on the art. It was rather messy art but they both enjoyed it.

Later in the afternoon Laurana wanted to do her grade R worksheets. I decided to stop her after shed done 7 – she would have liked to have done more though. She was not interested in colouring at all but enjoyed joining matching objects and discussing the items.

Phonics was done later than normal today so we only did 4 words and Laurana was not cooperating with the maths today so I cut it short. We have also this week been working on behaviour and getting Laurana to speak more politely and also touch someone rather than yelling at them and wait for them to look at her before carrying on with her requests. She did very well today which made the day more manageable.