We discovered some of our cereal had weevils in it today so Laurana suggested that we clean out the cupboard. It was a bigger job than I had realised especially with a 4 year old and a baby to contend with but we managed to get it done and Laurana helped quite a bit (she liked spraying the cupboard and climbing up high to get into it) We briefly discussed how water along with other detergents are used to clean things including our cupboard.

We also built a basic turbine today and played with it in the bath. Laurana would have liked to have stayed in the bath and kept playing afterwards! We also spent some time looking up various forms of water transport on Google with Laurana’s favourite being a pink canoe.

This morning we did some maths – a page of Singapore 1A and also a page from I can Take Away Today. After that we did what Laurana calls Sweetie Maths where we do basic addition and subtraction with word sums by counting (and eating) sweets. Later this afternoon we did some more maths with our maths manipualtives (bottle tops from cooldrink bottles) – I got a cup, told Laurana I had 5 bottle tops and then hid some under the cup and let her see the rest on top of the cup and asked her how many were hidden. The equation would look like this: 2 (or however many bottle tops were on top of the cup)+ x = 5, solve for x. She got these without even thinking long so knows her factors of 5. At lunch time she did patterning arranging apple, banana and cheese pieces into a pattern around the edge of her plate.

For language arts she did another 8 phonics words and Laurana read the book Floppy and the Bone She knew most of the words and we used phonics uncovering to work out the word “drop.”

In the afternoon Laurana requested a swimming lesson and we worked on her feeling more confident about getting her face wet as well as kicking correctly. She was quite proud of herself for the progress she made. After swimming we did an outdoor craft picking flowers and creating a picture with them on the lawn. She made Noah’s Ark to which we added some toy animals and then decided to make a hill and dust white flowers over it which she decided was snow.

The rest of the day was spent playing and resting. She wanted to have a tea party, tried to do headstands, swung on her swing and watched a movie before her Dad came home.