K is 8.5 months old. While I don’t have a curriculum for a baby there are things we try to do with her each day. I also find that being my second child if I do not make the effort I will speak to the older one far more simply because she is so verbal and the baby can get forgotten, so this is what we try to do with Kirima each day.

After any nappy changes we show her posters that we have in her room. Most of them are of farm animals and we tell her what they are and what sound they make. She has got so used to us showing her that she knows what order they come in and turns her body towards whichever poster we usually show her next. We also do nursery rhymes with her and some of them have actions which she enjoys.

I show her Little Reader most days and she likes looking at these pictures.

Physically she is crawling a lot and I let her crawl in lots of different places up hills and small steps. She is also practising walking with one or other of us holding her.

She is at a peak in separation anxiety at the moment and doesn’t even like to be left for 2 minutes while I go to another room. I am not sure this is something I can work on with her right now as it seems just to be a phase – at least I hope it is.

Other than those things she joins us for most activities and has had a lot of fun splashing around in the water with Laurana recently.