Today we continued our water theme. I had to go to an interview for part time work this morning so homeschooling began later than normal when I returned. We went out into the garden and built a “village” with Laurana and Kirima’s bath toys, duplo and various other toys that could get wet. Laurana has actually never built a town with toys before let alone doing so outside and she enjoyed it a lot. We spoke about how the village was in the middle of the drought and explained how rivers can dry up and how the soil cracks and people and animals go hungry because plants don’t grow. After that we pretended that it rained and then flooded and the toys went washing down the slope. Laurana continued playing in the mud for quite some time after that rebuilding her village and then making a “mud potion.”

Later in the morning we read Tortuga by Paul Geraghty, the story of a tortoise who gets carried to an island in a storm, and we also read the pages of Planet Earth that related to water.

In the afternoon Laurana swam again and she practised kicking, blowing bubbles and swimming with a pool noodle. We also discussed water safety and practised some swimming safety. Later after swimming we discussed safety as far as hot water goes, what can be used to boil water (kettle, stove, fire) and also where water that reaches our taps comes from – she wanted to know about both the hot and cold water.

We did a Noah’s Ark craft and then turned the dining room table into Noah’s Ark and brought many of her soft toy animals into it. She enjoyed playing in there for quite some time.

Our phonics words for today were: list, went, hunt, gift, quilt, act, kept and camp. I asked her which number she wanted to do of Numbers in a Jar and she requested number 10 so we did that too as well as a worksheet from a Grade R worksheet book.