Water was a great theme for us today. It has been raining every evening for the past four days and the day time temperatures have been hot which means that L has been in the swimming pool every day. I also found that having such a broad theme means that we can find interesting, varied things to do within our theme all day.

I took out buckets full of water for L to pour to her hearts content while K splashed in the water. Of course water has to be poured everywhere and both my children were soaked by the end of it. We built an enclosed “river” with creepy pipes and poured water into a home made dam discussing how and why dams are built.

Since it was warm in the morning we discussed evaporation and how water forms clouds, spreading some water on the tiles and watching it evaporate or “disappear.” Later in the afternoon it rained and we discussed condensation and precipitation.

At lunch time we spoke about how water is in our bodies and did a quick experiment placing some bread in a glass jar and shaking it and then adding water and shaking again to show how the watery, acidic content of our stomachs helps to break up food particles for easier digestion. We also spoke about how some foods (like the juicy apples we were eating) have more water in them than other foods (like the bread we had).

We watered the plants outside and made sure our pets had water and spoke about how God had made water and how all living things need water to survive. She decided she would like to make a cat out of toilet rolls so we did this too. (It doesn’t look quite like a cat, but she had fun making it)

I read L the story Not Quite A Mermaid: Mermaid Island which she enjoyed a lot and then she remembered parts of another book we had read previosuly called A Bowlful of Rain and she decided that we should make purple ice so we added red and blue food colouring to a jug of water and poured it into our ice cube tray. Despite the water being purple once it froze it turned blue.

Later in the afternoon L swam.

(as it was about to start raining I did not give her any swimming lessons) and then a bath to warm up afterwards so we spoke about how water is used to clean things including us. She then decided she wanted to watch a movie and I suggested Finding Nemo, but she wasn’t keen and chose Pinocchio instead so we spent the movie identifying places where we could see water (everywhere from the goldfish bowl and washing paint off a paintbrush to the sea and the whale’s stomach)

On top of all the water activity we also did 8 phonics words as we do everyday – she is now doing consonant blends (nk, lp, st), we also did a worksheet for the number 1 (mostly to teach her how to write the numbers as she counts well and has no problem manipulating small numbers) The worksheet comes from First school Numbers in a Jar

and we did a pre-writing worksheet linking sight words.